Anxiety Support and Education

The Anxious Truth is a leading source of anxiety support and education. Follow the podcast, check out my books, and join the community!

Anxiety Support and Education

The Anxious Truth is a leading source of anxiety support and education. Follow the podcast, check out my books, and join the community!

Anxiety Support Resources

Anxiety Guidebooks

Anxiety Guidebooks

I’ve written THREE anxiety support guidebooks. “Seven Percent Slower” is teaches you how break the bad habit of speeding up when anxious or afraid.  “The Anxious Truth” is a comprehensive step-by-step anxiety recovery guide. “An Anxiety Story” is the story of  my journey through anxiety, panic and agoraphobia.

Panic Attacks Explained

Panic Attacks Explained

Frustrated because you can’t find a way to stop or control recurring panic attacks no matter what you try? Feeling like something is really wrong or that you’re hopeless?  My “Panic Attacks Explained” workshop might be for you.

Agoraphobia Explained

Agoraphobia Explained

When you find yourself confined to a very small “safe bubble”, afraid to go outside that bubble and even unable to be alone with your “safe people” inside that bubble, you may be dealing with agoraphobia.  Learn more about agoraphobia in my “Agoraphobia Explained” workshop.

Worry and Rumination Explained

The endless loop of worry and rumination that fuels anxiety for so many can seem like a rollercoaster ride that you can never get off.  Join me and Josh Fletcher for a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of these frustrating and difficult to break thinking habits.  This workshop will educate you and empower you to approach worry and rumination in a new way!

Anxiety Explained for Friends and Family

Anxiety Explained for Friends and Family

A two hour dive into disordered anxiety and the recovery process designed specifically to be watched with family and friends. Let’s help educate our loved ones on what’s going here and how they can be supportive in the recovery process. 2 hours including Q&A. Unlimited replay access afterward.

Acceptance Explained

Acceptance Explained

What exactly does it mean to “accept” anxiety, panic, and fear? This is one of the most critical yet confusing concepts in recovery. This workshop dives deep into what accepting anxiety means and what it looks like in the real world. Two hours including the recorded Q&A.

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Disordered Podcast

“Disordered” w/Josh Fletcher

“Disordered” is the anxiety support podcast I co-host with my friend Josh Fletcher (aka “Anxiety Josh”). This is the podcast Josh and I wish we had access to when we were struggling with recovery. If you like The Anxious Truth, you’re gonna love Disordered!

Recent Podcast Episodes

I try to provide as much free anxiety support as I can. One excellent free resource is my podcast. The podcast is available on all podcast apps/platforms, here on my website, and on my YouTube channel.

healing from anxietyRecovery
July 17, 2024

Healing From Anxiety? (Ep 296)

Healing From Anxiety Healing from chronic or disordered anxiety. How do we do it?  Do we do it at all?  This week on The Anxious Truth we’re talking about  healing…
sit with anxietyRecovery
July 3, 2024

Do I Really Have To Sit With Anxiety? (Ep 295)

Do I Really Have To Sit With Anxiety? What if you could transform your relationship with anxiety simply by changing your approach? This week on the Anxious Truth, we tackle…
panic attacks come out of the blueRecovery
June 19, 2024

When Panic Attacks Come Out Of The Blue (Ep 294)

When Panic Attacks Come Out Of The Blue "HELP! My panic attacks come out of the blue! I don't know how to handle that!" For an anxious person struggling with…
thinking and feelingRecovery
June 5, 2024

Thinking And Feeling … About Thinking And Feeling (Ep 293)

Thinking and Feeling ... About Thinking and Feeling? Thinking and feeling are important to humans. Thinking and feeling about thinking and feeling is important to anxious humans! Metacognitive beliefs can…
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Podcast Reviews

These podcasts and the information that Drew shares changed my whole life. My life is no longer dictated by fear. The approach is straight talk- no nonsense and it is absolutely perfect!

Thank you so much Drew for taking the time to make this podcast. It’s literally saved my life and ended panic attacks while they were happening. Thank you!

The advice here is what lead to my recovery. I couldn’t have done it without Drew!

Drew has changed my life, highly recommend his methods. Claire Weeks broke the code years ago, but Drew teaches it in a way that is easy to understand and straight forward!

Listen to drew, put in the work, and get better. Drew has an incredible grasp on anxiety and his insights are spectacular. He really helps challenge the idea of just “coping,” and gives you the keys to start taking your life back.

Anxiety Support On YouTube

My YouTube channel offers a ton of free anxiety support resources including all my podcast episodes, live streams, replays of old streams, and informative YouTube shorts.

Drew Linsalata

Creator and Host

Drew is a therapist-in-training specializing in anxiety and anxiety disorders, and the creator and host of The Anxious Truth, a slightly unorthodox anxiety podcast that’s been in full swing since 2014. With over 3 million downloads (and growing), The Anxious Truth has spawned a large, vibrant and engaged social media community of amazing humans supporting, inspiring, encouraging and empowering each other to overcome anxiety and fear. In 2020, Drew released two books on anxiety and anxiety recovery – An Anxiety Story, and The Anxious Truth.  In 2021, Drew released Seven Percent Slower, a friendly guide on how to slow down, even when anxiety and fear want you to speed up!

Learn more about Drew …


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