Are you rushing around all day like an anxious, stressed, fearful speed demon?

Seven Percent Slower teaches you a simple trick to help move past anxiety, fear, and stress. It's a fast, friendly read that will improve your life.


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Drew beautifully explains the importance of slowing down in regards to stress and anxiety management. Seven Percent Slower had me in stitches whilst also giving me many “aha” moments.

Kimberley Quinlan, LMFT

Drew’s suggestion of taking things Seven Percent Slower is perfect. It’s a concept taken from the
abstract and a helpful reminder that we don’t need to fervently writhe in our scary
exposures, but learn to take a breath and lean towards what our non-anxious selves would
do. This is where the magic happens.

Josh Fletcher / @AnxietyJosh

Seven Percent Slower has changed my life. Over the last year, I have slowed my thoughts. I have slowed my mind. And ultimately my panic attacks have slowed too. By quantifying slowing down, Drew takes an overwhelming concept and makes it manageable. We can all slow down by seven percent!

Advance Reader Review

I have been stuck in a cycle of speed for months without really knowing I was acting that way. The book is like a description of my behavior. Thank you for helping me see where I've been going wrong, and an even bigger thank you for showing me how to change it!

Advance Reader Review

It’s super easy to read my 10 year old also loves it we take turns reading each chapter. We love the book so much I want to buy a few books and gift to to everybody I know. This book benefits everybody and so happy I got this opportunity to be able to read it ahead of time thank you Drew!

Advance Reader Review

This book is speaking to me in so many ways!

Advance Reader Review


About The Book

Are you speeding up and rushing around when anxious, stressed, or afraid?  Seven Percent Slower is a friendly, easy-to-read guide to understanding and breaking the speed habit that fuels your anxiety and stress fires.

When anxiety, stress, and fear show up, you speed up. The bad news is that this is making things worse for you. The good news is that you can learn to break the speed habit. If you are on a quest to find a calmer, less stressed, and less frantic life, learning to slow down can go a long way toward achieving that goal.

Seven Percent Slower will help you understand how the fear center in your brain drives your speed habit, why this was a good idea thousands of years ago, and why this is a bad idea in the modern world. The book will teach you how to recognize your speed habits and how to slowly change them over time.  Seven Percent Slower will help you understand why you may be resistant to slowing down, how slowing down can change your life, and how concepts like mindfulness come into play.

Full of practical advice and sprinkled with humor, Seven Percent Slower is destined to become a useful addition to your life skills toolbox.

Selected Quotes From Seven Percent Slower

Speeding up kept primitive man alive. Speeding up keeps modern man stuck in a cycle of thread scanning, false alarms, fear, stress, and anxiety.

Chapter 2

Engaging in human zoomies is the opposite of calming your hyperactive threat response. It is like feeding it a steady diet of caffeine, sugar, and crystal meth.

Chapter 3

When you disobey your lizard brain's demand for speed, when you choose to slow down instead, you are responding to that demand with language that your fear center can understand. You are speaking its language - the language of behavior and action and experience.

Chapter 6

Slowing down means putting the brakes on your accidental emergency multitasking.

Chapter 7

When we accept that which we can not control, we master that which we can.

Chapter 9

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