Advertising on The Anxious Truth

There is no advertising on The Anxious Truth. My audience has come to trust that I will not hand my platform to companies that want to sell wellness, healing, or anxiety related products or services.  To be completely honest, this audience has collectively spent a huge amount of time and money on products and services that promised to take away anxiety, cure them, calm them, regulate them and make them feel better. In the vast majority of cases, the reviews and outcomes are best described as abysmal. If you are reading this because you are sure that your wellness product or service is amazing, I can tell you with a reasonably high degree of certainty that members of my community are generally at a point where they simply do not want to hear about it no matter how “amazing” you think it is. They’ve been burned again and again and they generally do not trust you, so connecting you with my listeners is not something I am interested in doing.


Want To Be A Guest On The Anxious Truth?

I have very few guests on this podcast. More accurately, I have very few guests on the podcast that are here because they are promoting books or trying to building speaking/coaching businesses.  The community surrounding this podcast tends to look at you the same way they look at advertisers trying to get them to buy anxiety and wellness miracles (see above). My guests are either members of the community that want to share their anxiety success stories, or clinicians and authors that you’ve likely never heard of because they don’t sell lots of books and aren’t big name speakers. I have them on because they share my theoretical orientation, they are not on promotional tours, and they speak directly to some of the most effective and empirically supported anxiety recovery treatments available to us today. 

I mean no disrespect to your book, story, journey, or innovation, but I get a minimum of 20 guest pitches every day, most of which pretend to know what my podcast is about but are obviously lying or they would not be pitching me to begin with. My time is my most valuable resource. Those pitches get deleted.  Don’t take it personally.