You CAN get better.

This is my comprehensive 70,000-word 450-page guide to understanding and overcoming panic, anxiety, and agoraphobia. The book is designed in much the same way a course or class is designed. If you are afraid, confused and lost, this book will help get you to a place where you are informed, clear, confident, and pointed in the right direction toward recovery. It covers the nature of the problem and how you arrived here. It explains why this is not your fault. There is an entire section covering the proper approach to un-learning misplaced fear. The book will teach you how to make a recovery plan, how to execute it, and what to expect along the way.

The Anxious Truth : A Step-By-Step Guide To Understanding and Overcoming Panic, Anxiety, and Agoraphobia

Release Date: June 10, 2020 : Kindle, E-Book, Print, Audiobook

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About The Book

The Anxious Truth is a step-by-step guide to understanding and overcoming the anxiety problems that have plagued you for so long. At 70,000 words and 450 printed pages, The Anxious Truth goes well beyond just telling you that you’ll be OK.  It actually shows you exactly how to do that.

You’re anxious all the time, experiencing panic attacks over and over, and maybe afraid to leave your house or to be left alone for even a few minutes.. You are avoiding simple things like driving, eating in restaurants, attending family functions, or going to the supermarket. You are terrified of the next wave of anxiety or the next panic attack. Your anxiety problems are ruining your relationships, your family life, and your career.

Your anxiety problems have you afraid, confused, lost, and feeling hopeless. How did you get here? What went wrong? You’ve tried so many things, but nothing has cured your anxiety? What can you do now?

This book, written by a former anxiety sufferer, best-selling author of “An Anxiety Story“, and host of The Anxious Truth podcast will walk you through exactly how you got to where you are today, why you are not broken or ill, and what the true nature of your anxiety disorder is. Next, the book will walk you through what it takes to solve your anxiety problems, how to make an anxiety recovery plan, then how to correctly execute that plan.

The Anxious Truth isn’t always what you want to hear, but it’s what you NEED to hear in order to solve this problem once and for all and move toward the life you so desperately want. Based firmly on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapies that have been shown over decades to be most effective in treating anxiety problems, the Anxious Truth will teach you how to move past your anxiety symptoms, past endless digging for hidden “root causes”, and into an action oriented plan that will help your brain un-learn the bad reaction and fear habits that have gotten you into this predicament. The Anxious Truth will take the cognitive mechanism that got you into a corner, throw it in reverse, and use it to your advantage, backing you out of this jam and into a life free from irrational fear and needless avoidance.

More than just a book, The Anxious Truth goes hand-in-hand with The Anxious Truth podcast and the growing and vibrant social media community surrounding it. Read the book, listen to five years worth of free podcasts chock full of helpful advice and information, and join a large online community of fellow anxiety sufferers that are done talking about this problem and ready to actually take action to solve it.

Change is possible. No matter how long you’ve suffered with your anxiety issues, you can get better. The Anxious Truth will tell you what you need to hear and will arm you with the information, understanding, and skills you need to get the job done.

Let’s do this together!

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