Tired of being anxious, afraid, lost, confused, and discouraged?

The Anxious Truth will take you from anxious and lost, to understanding and equipped with a plan to finally fully overcome your anxiety problem, no matter how long you've suffered.

A no BS anxiety and panic disorder recovery guide. Yes RECOVERY! Written in a clever and humorous conversational manner, it is both educational and entertaining.

Amazon Book Review

This book is a must for anyone suffering from anxiety and panic!

Amazon Book Review

Drew is a wonderfully intelligent guide through understanding and recovering from anxiety disorders, especially panic and agoraphobia.

Amazon Book Review

What can I say, read the book and recover...I've been agoraphobic for 20 years after reading the book and practicing doing nothing I'm living again

Amazon Book Review

This is THE book to read to overcome your anxiety and fears. Well researched and Drew is VERY knowledgeable!!

Amazon Book Review

About The Book

The Anxious Truth is absolutely brimming with detailed yet easy to grasp explanations of the nuts and bolt of  disordered anxiety.  It provides detailed, easy-to-follow, step-by step instructions on exactly HOW to overcome your anxiety disorder.

Written by a former 30-year anxiety sufferer and highly experienced educator on the topic of anxiety and anxiety disorders, The Anxious Truth is essentially a course on how to recover from an anxiety disorder. The book includes the following modules:

  • How did you get here?
  • Understanding the nature of your anxiety problem.
  • Understanding the nature of the solution.
  • How to create an anxiety recovery plan.
  • How to execute your anxiety recovery plan.
  • What comes after anxiety recovery?

The Anxious Truth is changing thousands of lives every day. Let it change yours too.



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