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If you’ve got Netflix and 20 minutes to spare, I strongly suggest you watch “The Mind Explained” on Netflix. The anxiety episode is AMAZING.  The documentary clearly explains and illustrates the mechanics of anxiety, fear and what turns anxiety into an anxiety disorder. There’s excellent discussion of how anxiety has been viewed and treated over the years.  Even the mention of medication – which I was worried would be the same old thing – was honest and objective and clearly acknowledged the side effects and our overall lack of knowledge about how they really work.  The explanation of how CBT and exposure work was absolutely exceptional.  Watch comic Maria Bamford explain how she used exposure to “let anxiety flood up to the highest level, and you don’t die”.  I literally jumped out of my char with excitement when she said that.

I was so pumped that I had to shoot this quick video review. What can I say? I’m a total geek with this stuff! ?


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