What do you do when you “fail” at an exposure, or when you have a particularly difficult anxiety day and wind up escaping back to your “safe zone”?  I can tell you what you should NOT do.

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You should NOT just sit home and recount the story of how horrible it was and how you failed and how upset you are.  That is sending the wrong story and signals to you brain.

  • Think objectively.
  • Realize what you did wrong.
  • Think about what would have been a better course of action.
  • GET UP

Turning a “fail” into a “win” is easier than you think. Do not miss the opportunity to turn things around because you CAN and it will matter in the overall scheme of your recovery progress.

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Founder and host of The Anxious Truth podcast. Graduate student and therapist-in-training. Author and educator on the topic of anxiety disorders and anxiety recovery. Former anxious and depressed person.