Overcoming anxiety involves courage.  There’s no way around this.  You must be courageous to directly confront the things you fear the most.  This is the only way to learn that you never needed to be afraid to begin with. 


Courage is the foundation upon which many victories in life are built.  Dealing with anxiety and anxiety disorders is no exception to this.

Many people think that courage means not being afraid.  This is a mistake. Courage is about being afraid, but moving forward anyway. You can be terrified and amazingly brave at the same time!

When working toward recovery from anxiety and anxiety disorders, being afraid is part of the deal.  You will do things that scare you. Directly facing the fear you experience takes courage.  You have courage.  It’s in you already.

Don’t worry.  You are not required to be superhero-level brave forever.  Just for now. We face our fear courageously to learn a new way to experience it and navigate it.  We face the fear to learn that it really isn’t that scary after all.

Once you learn that anxiety isn’t really dangerous, and not so scary any more, everything changes. You won’t have to be brave every day any more.

You were born with courage.  Take the time to find it, and put it to good use for a while. It can change the rest of your life when you do!


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