I’ve been asked to do something like this for a while. With some extra nudging from a friend, I took 15 minutes to record this little beginner’s relax, breathe, and focus tutorial.

Download this tutorial in MP3 format to your phone, tablet or computer here.

This isn’t my usual thing, but hopefully, it will be of use. This episode will take you through the basics of what it looks like and feels like when you surrender to anxiety or panic. Instead of fighting and fleeing, this is how we relax into the fear, experience it, and let it pass. This is how we learn that we do not have to fear our anxiety and the sensations that come along with it. The basics are relaxing of your body, breathing into your belly, and focusing on your breath rather than on the symptoms and thoughts. This is a difficult skill to learn, and it will NOT make your anxiety go away instantly. Please do not use is a calming tool or an escape tool to make your panic attacks end. Use it as a LEARNING tool. Understand that even if you did none of this, your panic attacks would end. This is critical!

Find this episode on YouTube here.

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