My friend Kendra Beavis has an amazing story.  This is a story about making major life changes, solving life problems, and become a better version of yourself.  So much of this is based on belief.  Belief in yourself, and belief in your ability to do hard things and make changes.

We can’t just choose change.  We can’t just decide to believe in ourselves and be instantly confident.  Often we must take action to make the changes we want in our life even before we are confident taking action.  Meaningful progress and change isn’t something you may believe you are capable right now, but that’s OK.

You don’t get to be confident, and you don’t get to believe in yourself by waving a magic wand. Belief and confidence are things we learn through action and experience. Belief and confidence are earned by doing the hard or scary things you might not think you can do. When we make the choice to move ahead even though you don’t feel ready, amazing things can happen.

Amazing things happened for Kendra.  I’m grateful that she took the time to share it with us today.

You can find Kendra and her two podcasts on her website at kendrabeavis.com.

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