You’ve been doing the work. You’ve been working the process. You’re facing your fears and learning not to be afraid of how you feel. You’re no longer crippled by panic, fear and anxiety. One day you find that that familiar fear and anxiety is missing. Is this what it feels like to feel OK? What am I supposed to do with this? Where’s the anxiety? Should I be happy now? What if it comes back and puts me back to square one?

These are questions I hear all the time from people that have reached the point where they’re having anxiety free moments. Today my friend Joe and I discuss this issue and how he’s dealing with it. We talk about not continually scanning and assessing your state, why you can’t go back to square one if you’ve gone THROUGH the fear, and what feeling “OK” looks like in the real world. Thanks again to Joe for taking the time.

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Founder and host of The Anxious Truth Podcast. Former anxiety disorder sufferer. Now fully recovered and dedicated to providing no-nonsense, straight-forward, actionable advice on how to overcome anxiety problems.