For many, the fear of driving on the freeway, highway, or motorway is a big problem.  Often I am told that this seems and impossible task.  A typical person facing this challenge will insist that driving at high speed on a congested highway, involves real danger.  They are convinces that disaster is imminent.

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This is not true, and represents yet another fear driven distortion, courtesy of our old friend anxiety. While highway driving is in fact more risky for every driver (regardless of anxiety), experiencing anxiety does not instantly rob you of the ability to operate a vehicle.  If you are reading this, you have survived every instance where you have experienced anxiety or panic while on a highway.  You didn’t “almost crash” or “almost die” or “almost pass out”.  You controlled your car, even when afraid and uncomfortable, and did what needed to be done to remain safe.

What you thought was going to happen did not happen, so you must learn to stop judging the situation based on the fear driven story you have in your head about certain disaster.  Instead, judge the situation based on your actual experiences and the positive outcomes you’ve had.

Thank you to my friend Jay for both suggesting the topic, and for recording this one with me.  This is the audio portion of a live video we did in my Facebook group, so you’ll hear us discuss the topic, then take questions from group members that were watching while we chatted.

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