Just six months ago, Martine was experimenting with medication, housebound most of the time, and considering hospitalization to deal with her anxiety problem. Today she is working, participating with her family, living a normal life, and looking forward to what comes next.

Today Martine took some time to chat with me about how she changed direction and took control of the situation. Where once Martine has no direction and no plan for recovery, everything changed when she decided to start doing things she was afraid to do. Through repetition and incremental progress, everything changed.

Her message? “Don’t give up. It will get better!

Truer words were never spoken. Thanks, Martine, for taking the time so share your story.

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Founder and host of The Anxious Truth Podcast. Former anxiety disorder sufferer. Now fully recovered and dedicated to providing no-nonsense, straight-forward, actionable advice on how to overcome anxiety problems.