Today, we talk to Joshua Fletcher, who just released his new course, Stop Fearing Fear with Anxiety Josh: Help For Panic Disorders. The course was created for people struggling with panic disorders, agoraphobia and other anxiety disorders. 

In this episode, Drew and Josh talk about understanding the fear of fear, compassion and its role in exposures and recovery, and why Josh’s course is so heavy on the concepts of compassion and proper reactions. Drew and Josh also engage in a slightly spicy discussion about all the ‘dangerous’ courses out there that should be avoided.


  • About Josh’s new interactive, step-by-step course…01:40 ( Stop Fearing Fear with Anxiety Josh )
  • The large scale confusion behind having a fear of fear…03:40 (Episode 111: All Your Fears are One Fear)
  • How we practice being anxious and the relief that comes when we learn to surrender…06:00
  • How to start looking forward to doing your exposures through self-compassion…07:25
  • One of the most important steps in post analysis and recovery…09:25
  • How to shift your mindset post-exposure and why the ‘after’ is where the lesson is…11:35
  • The differentiating factor in Josh’s course and why he calls some courses ‘dangerous’…14:10
  • The simplicity behind the title, “stop fearing fear”…17:15
  • Drew and Josh have a laugh over their pre-recovery cover images…18:50
  • Tolerating it vs. the willingness to be anxious: The paradox of recovery…21:25
  • The good news from having a set back…24:05
  • How to make your recovery more durable and more portable…26:40
  • Why professionals should not try to treat their friends/family…28:40
  • Where you can find Josh’s course…31:35


Josh’s Course

Josh’s Instagram

Josh’s Website



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