Meg is a great example of someone that spirals into a full blown anxiety disorder, then works really hard to follow that spiral back out of the jam she was in.  If you’re not sure if you can recover, or that your anxiety is somehow special or worse than anyone else’s, Meg’s story will be encouraging and inspirational.

The Highlights

  • Meg THOUGHT she knew what a panic attack was … until she started actually having them.
  • When the panic started, Meg retreated, which she now knows was not a good move.
  • It certainly did not help things to have a string of very difficult life situations thrown at her in rapid succession.  Anxiety issues are hard enough without also dealing with family crises one after another.
  • Meg’s “fear of fear” became attached to food.  She stopped eating, and was even misdiagnosed as anorexic as a result. This is a good illustration of how the irrational fear of an anxiety disorder will find any convenient target to stick to.
  • Therapy was less than effective for Meg, primarily because she had a difficult time finding a therapist that knew how to effectively treat an anxiety disorder.
  • A key motivator in Meg’s continuing recovery is her family.  Meg refuses to let her anxiety issues rob her kids of life experiences.
  • Meg knows that it never “feels like” the right time to do an exposure, but she does them anyway.
  • Meg’s recovery really began to move forward when she learned to roll with her physical symptoms  – passing through them rather than fighting them or trying to get away from them.
  • Meg is taking her mental health experience and putting it to good work, with plans to become a working therapist helping other people with their anxiety problems.  Go Meg!

Find Meg online on Instagram.  She’s a fine human being.  Give her a follow.


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