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You feel alone, and probably want to ask, “Does anyone else get …?”

Recently in our Facebook group, we revised the group rules to cut down on the number of symptom checking questions in the group. This bothered a few people, so a a few friends of mine got together to help me answer this question for you once and for all. Checking symptoms and seeking reassurance is normal, especially for those early on or just starting along the path to recovery.  At some point quickly, however, this must stop.  Your symptoms are the same as those experienced by many many many others.  They are not unique or special or worse than anyone else’s symptoms, and people recover from anxiety disorders every day regardless of the symptoms they experience.

This is not a symptom problem.  This is a cognitive and behavioral problem.

I hope this three minute video helps to provide the reassurance and hope you seek so you can start to move forward.

Thanks to everyone that helped me put this together, and gave permission for me to share it on a wide scale. I appreciate you all more than you know.


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Founder and host of The Anxious Truth podcast. Graduate student and therapist-in-training. Author and educator on the topic of anxiety disorders and anxiety recovery. Former anxious and depressed person.