Today I chatted with Christa Holmans about some of the overlapping issues found in both anxiety disorders and autism and other neurodiversity conditions such as ADHD. Christa had so much excellent insight on how autism influences how one may deal with anxiety issues.

Christa talks about the concept of neurodiversity and how conditions like autism can be viewed as natural variations of brain types and processing styes rather than a disorder or disease. We discuss how Christa’s approach to her issues – going toward the things that are difficult or scary to learn how to do them – mirrors the “facing and floating” approach we use in overcoming problems like panic disorder or agoraphobia.  We also talked about how various aspects of autism and ADHD (for example) may require intelligent modifications to an anxiety recovery plan. Christa was kind enough to answer a couple of listener questions as well.

I really enjoyed this discussion and I hope you will too!

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