About My Free Recovery Workshop

“How can I overcome my anxiety?”

I hear this asked literally hundreds of times every day!

The answer requires lots of information.  It’s not complicated, but there are concepts, ideas, methods, and a logical sequence to follow. We want you to go from where you are now to fully recovered and free from the grip of disordered anxiety, but there are things to learn and stuff to do!

This FREE one-hour workshop takes you through the basic principles of how to recover from your anxiety disorder.  We’ll go through the following modules:

  • How you got here and why it’s not your fault.
  • Knowing the true nature of your anxiety problem.
  • Knowing the true nature of the solution.
  • How to create a recovery plan.
  • How to execute a recovery plan.
  • What comes next after recovery.
We can’t totally fix your anxiety problem in an hour, but we can definitely get you pointed in the right direction, so let’s do that!

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