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Its no secret if you follow my podcast, videos and blog that I consider the work of Dr. Claire Weekes to be the gold standard when it comes to learning how to overcome anxiety and panic issues.  Her work is what started me down the path to recovery many years ago and virtually everything I discuss is based on what she wrote so many years ago.

I strongly suggest you check out her work.  If you do, please consider using the links below. Yes, I will get a small commission from Amazon if you buy using my links, which will help me improve my site, my podcast and my YouTube channel.




The audiobooks are abridged versions of her written material, meaning there’s more in the print version than in the audio version.  Nonetheless, everyone that has the audiobooks loves them.  Something about hearing Dr. Weekes speak seems to make the audiobooks very valuable to many.


The Claire Weekes Biography

CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) Books and Workbooks

These are books and workbooks that I can personally recommend for those that are interested in working without the aid of a therapist.



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