Exposure and response prevention (ERP) is without a doubt the gold standard for dealing with OCD and intrusive, obsessive thoughts.   ERP teaches us how to intentionally face the our scary thoughts and to willfully allow the fear, discomfort and uncertainty that arises when we do.  ERP is hard work, but it is highly effective.  ERP is often performed with the aid of a qualified therapist, however many people cannot locate an ERP/OCD specialist or cannot afford extended therapy sessions.  I try to teach as much as I can about ERP in my podcast and in my social media community, but there is only so much I can do to teach in little snippets here and there.

This is where I am happy to endorse and recommend Kimberley Quinlan’s ERP School.  Kimberley is a highly trained and experienced OCD and ERP specialist that I trust completely.  I have worked with Kimberley for the last year or so on various projects, and there is nobody I know that is more well versed than her on this topic.  In her ERP School course, Kimberley delivers a tremendous amount of excellent information in an easy to understand, kind and compassionate way. I’ve been through the course from end to end, and I cannot say enough positive things about it.

You can learn more about Kimberley’s ERP School here. I urge you to at least give it a look.  You may find it extremely helpful.