I’ve decided to release the audiobook version of my first book, “An Anxiety Story” free of charge.  The download is a simple mp3 file that can be played on any device.  I even encourage you to share the file with anyone that you think might benefit from listening to it. Just use the simple form below to subscribe to my email list and I’ll show you the download link right away.

I am asked almost daily if I am completely recovered from my anxiety disorders.  I am, and I am happy to share how I did it. It’s not magic, it’s not rocket science, and I didn’t invent any of this.  There are no programs to buy, no coaches to hire, no expensive one-on-one sessions, no herbs, supplements, crystals, or medications. Everything I needed to fix this problem was already inside me. Everything you need to fix this problem is already inside you. This is simply a story of applying behavioral science, courage, tenacity, consistency, and an unquenchable desire to overcome these problems once and for all.

I was once you, but now I am not. If I can do this, so can you. I promise.