OCD and intrusive, obsessive thoughts are two of the most common issues encountered by people with anxiety issues.  They can be scary, hard to understand and difficult to deal with.  Difficult doesn’t mean impossible though, so today I had a chat with OCD specialist Kimberley Quinlan (LMFT). Kimberly was kind enough to share lots of good information and resources in this one, along with a bunch of concepts you’ll find very familiar if you’ve been following me for any length of time. Thanks to Kim for spending this time with us!

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Find Kim on Instagram: @kimberleyquinlan or on her website http://cbtschool.com

Find the International OCD Foundation at https://iocdf.org/




The way you talk about your anxiety matters.  More than you think. Are you always speaking passively and just describing how you feel? Are you worried about what people will think about your anxiety? Do you fear that you are boring them, alienating them, or pushing them away when you discuss your anxiety?   Are you ready to adopt a more constructive active voice that reflects ongoing recovery?

This is a great question that came up in the Facebook group a few days ago, so I thought it was worth 15 minutes or so to talk about it.

What are your thoughts? Comments and questions welcomed as always.